The college Library is now housed in an area of about 2800 sq feet.

The Library has grown leaps and bounds and there is a dedicated library website that operates also the OPAC system.

So at the click of the mouse, now you know of the books available in the college Library. The website has the Questions Bank corner and the syllabus corner. So a student can avail the facility to download the syllabus of his or her subjects and the questions bank of a subject.

The Library has the N-list corner. There is also the Ask your Librarian Corner - Put your suggestion and query about the library and the librarian will get back to the student.

The Library is now computerised. The library sub- committee looks after the proper functioning of the Library.

Borrowers are responsible for the books issued to them for home facility. In case of any damage or loss of any books issued to them, it will have to be replaced at his or her expense.


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