Code Of Conduct

For students:

1) Ragging is an offence. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus /premises. Any student /students involved in such activities will be immediately expelled from the college.
2) Students must bring his/her Identity card issued by the college authorities.
3) Polite and respectful behaviour towards the teachers, the non-teaching staff of the college are expected from a student.
4) Smoking, use of drugs, alcohol and peddling drugs in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
5) Every student should help to keep college premises/campus/classroom and desk-chairs clean & neat. Everyone must use dust bin for garbage.
6) Students must conserve electricity and water. They must switch off lights and fans when they leave the classroom, study room of library and computer lab.
7) Each student must park his/her vehicle at the parking space of the college.
8) Students should attend classes regularly and on time.
9) Use of internet, computers, laptops, and tablets by the students within the college campus strictly restricted to academic purpose only.
10) Any damage caused to college property will be considered as punishable offence.
11) There is no dress code or uniform but students should be decently dressed.
12) Students are required to check regularly the college website and notice board for important announcements.
13) Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited. During a gap between two classes students should go to the common room or library reading room.

For teachers:

1) A teacher should process the legitimate academic and administrative decisions taken by the college pertaining to his/her sphere of responsibility.
2) A teacher should not discriminate against any student based on religion, race, caste, gender, language, or political ideology.
3) Use of mobile phones is prohibited during class hours and while on invigilation duty.
4) Teachers should maintain mutual respect and cooperation among colleagues, assisting them and sharing the responsibilities in a collaborative manner and also towards non-teaching staff.

For non-teaching staffs:

1) They should be student friendly and work for the all-round development of the college.
2) They should try to keep the campus clean and noise-free as far as practicable.
3) Its obligatory for all non-teaching staff to keep the mission and vision of the college in mind and ensure smooth functioning of the college with their punctuality.
4) They should be respectful to teachers and colleagues and behave politely to the students of the college.
5) Should adopt a humane approach in dealing with students who are physically challenged.

For principal:

1) The Principal should exhibit qualities of effective leadership in all academic and administrative activities of the college.
2) Keep coordination in all college works.
3) Provide guidance, leadership, direction to the all stakeholders.
4) Ensuring a democratic and transparent functioning of various bodies within the college.
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